I help busy people who have put on weight since having kids or due to the busyness of life, to lose weight so that they can be more active to keep up with their full lives and busy families.  Semi-private sessions in our studio gym with no more than four clients training in one session so that you receive a more personalised program. 


If you are in our local area, we would love to have you at our private personal training studio gym, servicing areas of  Narangba, Burpengary, North Lakes, Dakabin, Morayfield, Mango Hill, Petrie, Kallangur, Deception Bay and beyond!

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Have you tried anything and everything to lose weight however nothing has worked to give you the body you really desire?  If you’re serious about losing fat, building muscle, and looking your absolute best without sacrificing your precious time and energy, then this is the place for you! 


  • You want to retake control of your health for your future and for your family.

  • You want to look better naked - to become stronger, more muscular, and athletic. 

  • You’re sick of waking up each morning, looking in the mirror and seeing a body that’s no longer recognisable to you. 

  • You’re sick of the gimmicky online programs or outdated gym programs that have never worked for you.

  • And you’re sick of not being the best version of you - the one you know you're capable of achieving!!


Rewind the clock 10 years and this was exactly me!  I tried everything and anything until I figured out what worked (and threw out the rest).  When I became consistent with my workouts and finally invested in my health, I transformed my body and my life!!  Once I had this figured out, I was inspired to show others just how they too can have their transformation.


How you can look great without obsessing over dieting and exercise!

Meet your Coach


Hi, I’m Craig, and my mission is to help you feel great in your own skin by losing the fat, building muscle, and learning the basics of good nutrition so you too can look great naked. 

I was overweight from a young age through poor knowledge of good food choices and not enough exercise. I began my career as a Chef and ballooned even more.  One day I decided enough was enough and learned everything I could regarding fitness, fat loss, good eating habits and building muscle.


I went on to lose over 30 kilos and have now helped other men and women to take control of their body, to lose weight and build the body of their dreams.  It’s time to become the best version of you!

To learn more about working with me OR if you're ready to start smashing out your goals with me right now to achieve a healthier, stronger, fitter you, than click below for the next steps....



  • Your training program will be tailored to fit your needs, your schedule, and your goals.

  • You won't be left wondering what to do!  I’ll provide guidance every step of the way.

  • All your questions around training and food will be answered so you can  learn the tools for life.  

  • We will work on your beliefs and mindset on your journey to maximise your body transformation.

  • I will keep you accountable and ensure you don't end up on a downhill slippery slope, via regular messages, PT sessions and phone calls to help you with any challenge you come across. We will not let you fail.

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  • Guidance around how to eat at home and how to prepare your meals in advance, to make eating simple and enjoyable.

  • If you're someone who eats out regularly, I can help you decipher the menu to make the best choices possible without sacrificing your hard work in the "gym".

  • Encouragement around eating the foods that YOU LOVE in a way to still lose weight and reach your body goals.

  • BONUS cooking demonstrations and recipes so you can learn how simple it can be to eat well and still enjoy life!

Through our program, you will learn how to handle any food scenario and never have anxiety again around eating your favourite food in the fear that you might "ruin your diet".


Brendan's Transformation

36 years old, dad of three (Mango Hill, Qld, Aus)

"Craig, I'd just like to start off by saying a huge thank you for setting me on the right path towards a healthier lifestyle!  The three months you trained me transformed the way I exercised and has made me more mindful about the foods I eat.  All your workouts challenged me to go past the pain barrier to reach my goals.  The workouts were tailored to my needs and you consistently monitored my progress each week.  You were encouraging and great to work with.  The 10 kgs I lost over the 3 months changed my life and you've given me the skills to continue to live a healthier lifestyle!

Thanks again, Brendan"

Laura's Transformation

​37 years old, mum of two (Narangba, Qld, Aus)

After having my first and second babies my weight settled around 63 kilograms and I couldn't get rid of the pooch. My BMI had crept into the overweight category of 25.2!  I dabbled in exercise and counting calories six months after having my first baby, not really following any particular program, and just trying to make it work on my own.  I lost a bit of weight but was not happy yet.

However, six weeks after having my second baby (early 2017), I'd had enough and was ready to train seriously with Craig. Since then I've lost 8kg, down to 55kg  with a BMI of 22 and right in the middle of the healthy range!  The food is always delicious, there were no restrictions and I never felt deprived.  I love that the workouts are customised so that I can do them at home, at a park or at a gym. They were varied and suited my style of working out.  I would recommend anyone who is ready to make a change, to get started with Focused today!

Aaron's Transformation

"I first started with Craig late jan/early feb and can say from the first meeting I was happy I made the decision to work with Craig. He made me feel very welcome, professional, friendly and doesn’t f*#k around. Which I think is one of his best traits. There is no bullsh*t with Craig, he Will tell you how it is.. he will keep you accountable and well on track to achieve your goals. 

Craig is very approachable and very knowledgeable and questions you have, he’s got your answer. There were plenty of long texts with 100 questions I would often send him and it didn’t matter the time of night, he would always text me back straight away! This highlights Craig’s interpersonal skills, which are second to none. The communication is just one of Craig’s strong points however not the only strong point. It was just something that really stuck out for me. When he makes a commitment to you, he’s along for the ride too. 

Along with achieving my first set of goals with Craig as my trainer, I can honestly say that he wasn’t just a trainer, I found a friend in Craig and I’m so glad I stumbled across his webpage and made that first phone call. He is a great trainer and I would highly recommend Craig! 

Craig has excellent communication skills, he extremely professional and will help you in every way achieve your health and fitness goals. From nutrition to correct lifting techniques and everything in between. Craig will keep you accountable along your journey, won’t feed you any bullsh*t and will stay committed to you what you want to achieve. This is all my personal experience with Craig, and I can’t fault him in any part of my time with him. I will continue my training and skills Craig has shown me. I am also going to start up my remote or online training program Craig offers in the coming weeks. 

Thank you Craig for giving me a new view on life, fitness and food - never have I eaten better in my life, never have I felt stronger or healthier before."

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Craig's Transformation

   ​39 years old, dad of three (Narangba, Qld, Aus)

  • At my heaviest I was 109.8kg.  Over my journey, I lost 31kg, getting down to 78.8kg!

  • I've learnt how to fuel my body for (and around) my workouts.

  • I've learnt to track calories, macros and to be accountable for what I eat.

  • I became so inspired that I completed a Certificate III and IV in Fitness so I can now help other people to achieve what I have and to feel confident in their own body too.

Dan's Transformation

North Lakes, Qld, Aus

"Craig started me on my journey after a good long time of nudging from him and my wife.  I couldn't get myself into a lifestyle of health and fitness I could sustain on my own.  But now with his guidance to improve myself, I'm constantly breaking my personal best physically and I'm in a better mindset and, as a result, actually maintaining it.

Craig listens to what you're saying and he wants you to succeed.  You're not just a number, you're a family member to him, he throws his 110% in and all he asks is for you to show yours.  He makes you feel proud of yourself.  Because of him, I'm a better man and I'm a better worker."



  • Yes, I understand this is a commitment to get started with coaching (cancel anytime, standard terms and conditions apply).

  • Yes, I know that now is the time to change my body and I know Craig will tailor the program to fit my lifestyle.

  • Yes, I understand all text messages, calls, and emails will be answered within 48 hours (but most times, within a couple of hours).

  • Yes, I understand that to have something I’ve never had before, I need to take massive action.

  • Yes, I understand that I need to commit a minimum of two sessions a week to my training.

  • Yes, I understand personal training is incredibly valuable and will help me to achieve much better results than going it alone.

  • Yes, I understand that sometimes I may be physically and mentally challenged but Craig will answer all of my questions about the program.

  • Yes, I am committed to changing my body, my mindset, and my life!

  • Yes, I know investing in this coaching will pay itself back time and time again. I know my coach is here to help me become self-sufficient, so that I know how to stay in great shape for life.

If you agree to the above and are ready to go next level in your life, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you asap.